Gallifrey One 2020: 31 Flavours

Gallifrey One 2020: 31 Flavours

The 31st Annual North American Doctor Who Celebration.

Thursday February 13 - Sunday February 16, 2020 (Presidents' Day Weekend)

The Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Marriott Hotel

John and Judi's "Gallifrey One" Top 10+

John and Judi's Gallifrey One 2020: 31 Flavours Favourite Events
 (1) Thu  4:00pm Registration (Kathy Sullivan, Shaun, Matt & Keith, Howard, Frazer, Emily, Jennifer & Ed)
 (2) Thu  5:00pm Dinner at zPizza with Cruising Dan.
 (3) Thu  6:15pm Drinks with Dancing Dan & Joel
 (4) Thu  8:00pm ice cream social (Joel, Anthony, Cruising Dan, Dancing Dan & Wendy)

 (5) Fri 10:00am Radio Free Skaro with Peter Davison, Gary Russell, ...)
 (6) Fri noon    Frazer Hines *****
 (7) Fri 12:30pm Lunch with Doug: Lobster Tacos from the food truck.
 (8) Fri  1:30pm The Year in Review: 2019 *****
 (9) Fri  3:00pm 5th Doctor's TARDIS Team: Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton
(10) Fri  4:00pm Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair)
(11) Fri  5:00pm Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts)
(12) Fri  6:45pm Dinner with Cruising Dan, Chaz & Heather, Pat, and Candra at the Crowne Plaza

(13) Sat  8:30am Breakfast with Chet & Kat
(14) Sat 10:00am BBC TV: Frazer Hines, Geoffrey Beevers, ...
(15) Sat 11:00am Mark Strickson interviewed by Katrina Griffiths *****
(16) Sat  Noon   Doctor Who Guests Jon Davey, ...
(17) Sat  3:00pm Peter Davison *****
(18) Sat  5:30pm Dinner at Japanese food truck
(19) Sat  6:30pm Movie "Knives Out" *****

(20) Sun  8:30am Breakfast at Crowne Plaza
(21) Sun 10:00am Christopher Eccleston *****
(22) Sun 11:00am Doctor Who Video Animation & Blu-Ray Presentations: Gary Russell and Russell Minton
(23) Sun 11:40am Preview of Blu-Rays: Russell Minton & Pete McTighe
(24) Sun 12:15pm "Dalaks Master Plan" ep 2, in color
(25) Sun  3:00pm Classic Doctor Who: Peter Davison, Frazer Hines, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Geoffrey Beevers, ...
(26) Sun  4:00pm Special Video Presentation: a Doctor Who episode
(27) Sun  5:00pm Closing Ceremonies with Shaun Lyon, Dan Sandifer, ...
(28) Sun  6:30pm Dinner with Dan, Dan, Wendy, Doug, and Pat
John and Judi's Gallifrey 2020 Missed Events Top 10
 (1) Fri  1:00pm Geoffrey Beevers (Lunch)
 (2) Fri  2:00pm Big Finish 2019 Preview featuring Jason Haigh-Ellery, ... (Back Break)
     Fri  2:00pm Exploring the ocean moons of the outer solar system
     Fri  2:00pm An hour with Frazer Hines
 (3) Fri  8:00pm The Idiot's Lantern (Sleep)
 (4) Sat  noon   Janet Fielding interview (Conflict with Jon Davey)
     Sat  noon   "Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor"
 (5) Sat  1:00pm Sarah Sutton interview (Lunch)
     Sat  1:00pm James Webb Space Telescope
 (6) Sat  4:00pm Real Physics of Time Travel (Back Break)
 (7) Sat  8:00pm Masquerade (Sleep)
 (8) Sun  noon   Behind the Camera with Jon Davey, ... (Conflict)
 (9) Sun  1:00pm Film 2019: the Year in Review (Lunch)
(10)             Eric Hoffman (Not seen)

 (1) "1st Sonic Screwdriver sighting in animated Fury from the Deep"
 (2) "Perfect Strangers starring Frazer and Sly"
 (3) "Steve Irwin in the Crocodile Hunter" (see page 6)

# of ribbons collected = 3+:
(1) Doctor Who Cruise Veteran
(2) Why is there never a big red button?
(3) One ribbon to find them all, and in the darkness, bind them.
(4) A blue plastic 2-dimensional TARDIS! (not a ribbon, but cool)

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