Gallifrey One's 19th Symphony "Opus 2008"

The 19th Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 15 - 17, 2008 (Presidents' Day Weekend)

The Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Marriott Hotel

Gallifrey One Top 10

John's Gallifrey One's 19th Symphony "Opus 2008" Top 10 events
 (1) Fri  1:00pm BBC Documentary Debut "Celebration" of Doctor Who's 20th Anniversary
 (2) Fri  2:00pm Script Editor Andrew Carmel interview
 (3) Fri  3:00pm Lisa Bowerman "Prof. Bernice Summerfield" interview
 (4) Fri  4:00pm Gary Russell interviews Sylvestor McCoy and Sophie Aldred "Ace"
 (5) Fri  6:00pm Open Ceremonies
 (6) Fri  8:30pm Masquerade and Paul Cornell's "Just a Minute"
 (7) Sat 10:00am SciFi Sea Cruise Meet and Greet with Dan Harris
 (8) Sat 11:00am Sophie Aldred interview
 (9) Sat  2:00pm Big Finish: The Bernice Summerfield Story: Lisa Bowerman and Paul Cornell
(10) Sat  3:00pm Mojo: Battlestar Galactica Visual Effects
(11) Sat  5:30pm Sylvester McCoy interview
(12) Sat  8:30pm Mysterious Theatre 337 "Silver Nemesis"
(13) Sun 10:00am A Video Tribute: The Sylester McCoy Years by Eric Hoffman
(14) Sun    noon 7th Doctor Era Roundtable: Sylvester, Sophie, and Lisa with Gary Russell
(15) Sun  2:00pm Verity Lambert and the birth of Doctor Who: Gary Russell, Paul Cornell, Rob Shearman
(16) Sun  4:00pm "Dragonfire" Live Commentary with Sylvester, Sophie, and Gary Russell
(17) Sun  5:30pm The Year in Review 2007
(18) Sun  6:00pm Closing Ceremonies

 (1) Fri  5:00pm The Music of Doctor Who
 (2) Fri  5:00pm Rob Shearman reads "The Box Under the Tree"
 (3) Fri  7:45pm The 1996 Doctor Who Movie (we've already seen it many times)
 (4) Fri 11:00pm Animated Doctor Who "The Infinite Quest" (see link below)
 (5) Sat 11:00am "Blink" Live Commentary -- Ace conflict
 (6) Sat  1:00pm Scott Alan Woodard: new Doctor Who Role Playing Game
 (7) Sat  2:00pm NASA's Cassini mission (Lisa and Paul conflict)
 (8) Sat  5:30pm Verity Lambert: A Video Tribute by Eric Hoffman (Sylvester McCoy conflict)
 (9) Sat  6:30pm Jenny MacDonald / Ed Comstock wedding
(10) Sun    noon NASA: Update on Mars rovers (7th Doctor Roundtable conflict)

Quotes of the day:
(1) "Exterminate dafodils!"
(2) "My ideal dinner guest would be Bill Clinton."
(3) "My favorite book is 'Tom Sawyer'".
(4) "My biggest influence in life was seeing the opera 'La Boheme'".
(5) "'Happiness Patrol' should have been in black and white".
    Quotes 2-5 by Sylvestor McCoy.

Check it out: "Ace: the inside story of the end of an era" by Mike Tucker and Sophie Aldred
"Razor" (Battlestar Galactica) DVD recommended by Mojo (who worked on the Visual Effects)

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