Gallifrey One "20 to Life"

The 20th Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 13 - 15, 2009

LA, California

Gallifrey One Top 14

 1. Sci-Fi Sea Cruise "Twice Upon A Time Lord"     (Fri 7:30) 
 2. "The Next Doctor"                              (Fri 8pm)
 3. Getting Colin Baker's Autograph for $5 on "AirZone" DVD
 4. Meals with our Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Buddies (Jen, Mark, Dancing Dan, Richard and Carole)
 5. Classic Doctor Who Panel                       (Fri 3pm)
 6. Colin Baker with Big Finish                    (Sat 6pm)
 7. Nicola Bryant (Peri)                           (Sat 1pm)
 8. Wendy Padbury (Zoe)                            (Sat 2pm)
 9. Dr. Hoffman's House of Trailers                (Sun 10am)
10. Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant                    (Sun Noon)
11. NASA's Moon GRAIL Mission 2011                 (Sun 1pm)
12. Arne Starr's "Inside the Sci-Fi Universe"      (Sun 3pm)
13. Year in Review Video on Cassandra              (Sun 6pm)
14. Buying Rob Shearman's "Little Deaths" for $20 (with an autograph!)

Gallifrey One Top Quotes

 1. Wendy Padbury: "Zoe is stroppy"
 2. Wendy Padbury: "I discovered Matt Smith"
 3. Nicola Bryant "check out 'the KingMaker' CD"
 4. Phil Collinson (Producer 2005-2008): "I'm absolutely over the moon"

Gallifrey One Top 10 That We Missed

 1. Cricket Match: Platypi vs. Wirren             (Mon 9am, not scheduled)
 2. Cabaret                                       (not scheduled)
 3. Mojo                                          (not scheduled)
 4. Jean-Marc Lofficier: Doctor Omega Sequel      (not scheduled)
 5. Doug couldn't make it.                        (stuck in Dallas)
 6. "Music of the Spheres"                        (technical difficuties)
 7. "Do It Yourself Doctor Who Video" on YouTube  (Fri 4pm)
 8. "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf" stand-up      (Sat 9:30pm)
 9. Classic Doctor Who Video Tribute              (Fri 2pm - 4pm)
10. The Masquerade of the Mandragora              (Sat 8pm)

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