Gallifrey One "Blackjack 21"

The 21st Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 26 - 28, 2010 (2 weeks later than usual)

LA, California

Gallifrey One Top 16

 1. K-9 the series preview                         (Sun 11am) 
 2. Who Sprites; the Lost Animation Project        (Sat 1:25)
 3. Classic Companions Roundtable                  (Sun 4:30)
 4. Meals with our Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Buddies (Jen, Dancing Dan, Cruising Dan, and Joel)
 5. Fraser, Deborah, Anneke Interviews             (Fri 1pm)
 6. Katy Manning (Jo Grant) Interview              (Fri 4:45)
 7. Tribute to Barry Letts                         (Sat 5pm)
 8. Georgia Moffett (The Doctor's Daughter)        (Sat 2pm)
 9. Eric Hoffman's "Serials based on the comics"   (Sun 10am)
10. Masquerade and "Just a Minute"                 (Sat 9pm)
11. Year in Review Video on Cassandra              (Sun 5:30)
12. Dancing Dan's Mack the Knife Karaoke           (Fri 10pm)
13. Tommy Knight (from Sarah Jane Adventures)      (Fri 5:30)
14. Peter Davison's "Legally Blonde" video         (Fri 6:15) (see link below)
15. The Director's Roundtable                      (Sat 11am)
16. Buying Big Finish CD "Renaissance of the Dalek" featuring the interocitor from "This Island Earth"

Gallifrey One Top Quotes

 1. Georgia Moffett: "I want to play Miss Marple"
 2. Shaun Lyon: "My favorite Doctor Who story is Nightmare of Eden"
 3. Anneke Wills: "I used to live in Mill Valley"
 4. Dancing Dan: "This is not the Droid you are looking for"

Gallifrey One Top 10 That We Missed

 1. Cricket Match: Platypi vs. Wirren             (Mon 9am, not scheduled)
 2. Mojo                                          (not scheduled)
 3. Cabaret                                       (not scheduled)
 4. Jean-Marc Lofficier: Doctor Omega Sequel      (not scheduled)
 5. Doug couldn't make it.                        (stuck in Dallas again)
 6. Mike and Richard M couldn't make it. 
 7. Sarah Sutton couldn't make it. 
 8. Peter Davison couldn't make it.
 9. Eric's Classic Companions Video Tribute       (Fri 4pm - 6pm)
10. Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Meet and Greet              (Sat 11am)

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