The 26 Seasons of Gallifrey One 2015

The 26th Annual North American Doctor Who Celebration.

February 12 - 15, 2015 (Presidents' Day Weekend)

The Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Marriott Hotel

John's Gallifrey One Top 10

John's 26 Seasons of Gallifrey One 2015 Favorite Events
 (1) Thu  4:00pm Tea and dinner with Carole and Harry
 (2) Fri 10:00am Whither Sci-Fi: Future of Hard Sci-Fi on TV with Kathryn Sullivan, Paul Cornell, Sam Stone, Craig Miller
 (3) Fri 11:00am Radio Free Skaro with Andrew Cartmel, Phil Ford, Danny Hardreaves, ...
 (4) Fri 12:00pm The Early Years with Carole Ann Ford, Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury moderated by Chaz Martin
 (5) Fri  3:00pm End of an Era: McCoy and McGann Years with Sophie Aldred, Andrew Cartmel, Mike Tucker, Terry Molloy, ... 
 (6) Fri  4:30pm Classic Companions with Carole Ann Ford, Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, Janet Fielding
 (7) Fri  5:30pm Encounters with the Doctor with Colin Spaull, ...
 (8) Fri  6:30pm Doctor Who Visual Effects with Danny Hargreaves and Nick Briggs 
 (9) Fri  7:00pm Dinner at the Greek with Cruising Dan, Joel, Jack, and Mark

(10) Sat 11:00am Inspector SpaceTime: the Movie (read thru)
(11) Sat  1:00pm Who Am I: Matthew Jacobs documentary with Daphne Ashbrook
(12) Sat  3:00pm Frazer Hines hosts Vintage Singing TV Clips
(13) Sat  4:00pm Dan "Strax" Starkey interviewed by Chaz Martin
(14) Sat  4:45pm Bruno Langley (the 'failed' companion of the 9th Doctor) interviewed by Chaz Martin
(15) Sat  5:30pm Janet Fielding
(16) Sat  6:15pm Sophie Aldred
(17) Sat  7:00pm Dinner at Sizzler with Doug, Jack, and Mark
(18) Sat  9:00pm Masquerade of Mandragora XXVI (scheduled at 8:30)
(19) Sat 10:00pm Just A Minute with Paul Cornell, Sophie Aldred, Chase "Leeta" Masterson, Terry Molloy, ...

(20) Sun 10:00am Andrew Cartmel
(21) Sun 10:45am Mike Tucker
(22) Sun 12 noon John Barrowman (standing room only)
(23) Sun  1:00pm BBC of Yesteryear with Andrew Cartmel, Terry Molloy, Colin Spaull, Derrick Sherwin, Gabriel "Sutekh" Woolf, ...
(24) Sun  3:00pm 26 Classic Seasons with Carole Ann Ford, Andrew Cartmel, Sophie Aldred, Frazer Hines, Terry Molloy, Janet Fielding, Wendy Padbury, ... with Gary Russell
(25) Sun  4:00pm Previously on Doctor Who with Dan "Strax" Starkey, Nick Briggs, Phil Ford, Danny Hargreaves, ...
(26) Sun  5:00pm The Year in Review 2015
(27) Sun  6:00pm Closing Ceremonies with Shaun Lyon
(28) Sun  7:00pm Dinner with Carole, Harry, and Barnaby
John and Judi's Gallifrey 2015 Missed Events
 (1) Fri 10:00am Good Morning Gallifrey One (Conflict)
 (2) Fri  1:00pm Dawn Appoaches Ceres (Lunch Break)
 (3) Fri  2:00pm Rovers across Mars(Lunch Break)
 (4) Fri  9:30pm Doctor Who Live: improv (Sleep)
 (5) Sat 10:00am Gary Russell (Breakfast)
 (6) Sat 10:45am Frazer Hines (Conflict)
 (7) Sat 11:30am Carole Ann Ford interviewed by Gary Russell (Conflict)
 (8) Sat 12:15pm Wendy Padbury (Conflict)
 (9) Sat  1:00pm Timey-Wimey Puppet Show 2: Gallifrey Boogaloo (Conflict)
(10) Sat  3:00pm Guesting on Doctor Who with Colin Spaull (Conflict)
(11) Sun 12 noon Arne Starr's trailer and clip show (Conflict)
(12) Sun  2:00pm The Early Years: the dandy and the clown with Eric Hoffman (Lunch Break)

 (1) To buy next year: Big Finish "World of Doctor Who" CD starring Daphne Ashbrook
 (2) To buy next year: Big Finish CD with Paul McGann and Sheraton Smith (BAFTA award winner)
 (3) "Helix"
 (4) "Moon Europa"
 (5) "Defiance"
 (6) "Jupitor Ascending"
 (7) "Hello Jones" graphic novel
 (8) "Happiness Patrol" Pod Cast with Chaz Martin
 (9) "1st Sontaran" CD "King of Sontar"
(10) Strax on You Tube
(11) TV: "Madame Secretary"
(12) Outlander Episode 15 with Jamie Fraser
(13) "The Invasion" (2nd Doctor Story)
(14) To buy next year: "Illegal Alien" by Mike Tucker and Robert Perry 
(15) Phoenix Tardis July 10-12, 2015 starring Terry "Davros" Molloy and Ian "Winston Churchill" McNeice
(16) To buy next year: "Nightmare of Black Island" book by Mike Tucker
(17) To buy next year: "Crawling Terror" book by Mike Tucker
(18) "Dust Breeding" Big Finish CD #21 by Mike Tucker
(19) "Loving the Alien" book by Mike Tucker and Robert Perry

# of Doctor Who CD's purchased in the Dealers Room: 5 including the CD with Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Tom Baker
# of autographs: 2 Andrew Cartmel (post card) and Sam Stone (book)


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