Gallifrey One in the 17th 1/2 Century

The 17th Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 17 - 19, 2006

LA, California

Gallifrey One Top 14

 1. World Premiere of "A Happy Ending"             (Fri 7pm) 
 2. The Classic Series Panel: LJ, MT, DW, and PS   (Sun 3:30)
 3. Mary Tamm ("Romana I") Interview               (Sat 3:30)
 4. Louise Jameson ("Leela") Interview             (Sat 5:30)
 5. Dinner at Denny's and Jogging back             (Sat 7pm)
 6. Cabaret (Greatest Show in the Galaxy XVII)     (Sat 8:30)
 7. Noel Clarke interview                          (Sat 4:30)
 8. Guests of Honor (LJ, MT, DW, and NC)           (Fri 4pm)
 9. Eric Hoffman's Tom Baker Years Part I          (Sat 11am)
10. Eric Hoffman's Tom Baker Years Part II         (Sun 10am)
11. Dancing Dan presents "The Xmas Doctor Who Special"
12. New Series Panel (NC, NB, MG, SM, RS, PC, ...) (Sun 4:30)
13. New Series Year in Review on Cassandra         (Sun 5:30)
14. Shaun's "Inside the New Series Slide Show"     (Fri 2pm)

Cabaret (Greatest Show in the Galaxy XVII) Top 3

 1. Tadao Tomomatsu impersonations
 2. "Red Shirt" -- Vaughn Armstrong
 3. "Enterprise" -- Vaughn Armstrong 

Gallifrey One Top 8 That We Missed

 1. Cricket Match: Platypi vs. Wirren             (Mon 9am, Rained out, Aarrgghh)
 2. Eric Hoffman's "Pilot Season"                 (Fri 4pm, see #8 above)
 3. "The Houston Room" videos                     (who?)
 4. Mojo                                          (Sat Noon, not scheduled)
 6. Jean-Marc Lofficier: Doctor Omega Sequel      (not scheduled)
 7. Cruising Who: Dan Harris and SF Sea Cruise    (Sun 3:30, see #2 above)
 8. "The Quartermass Experiment Live" 2005        (Sun 4pm, see #2 above)
99. David Gerrold (note to self: avoid in future) (Sat 1pm)

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