The 18th Amendment of Gallifrey One

The 18th Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 16 - 18, 2007

LA, California

Gallifrey One Top 18

 1. World Premiere of "Pair o' Docs Paradox"       (Fri 7pm) 
 2. Mike Tucker: visual effects                    (Sun Noon)
 3. Colin Baker                                    (Sat 5pm)
 4. Just A Minute Game won by Colin Baker          (Fri 8:30)
 5. Colin Baker & Maggie Stables                   (Fri 3pm)
 6. Colin, John, Terry, Maggie, Caroline, Geoffrey (Sun 1pm)
 7. Caroline John                                  (Sat 3pm)
 8. Caroline John and Geoffrey Beevers             (Fri 5pm)
 9. Eric Roberts                                   (Sat 1pm)
10. John Levene, Terry Molloy, Geoffrey Beevers    (Sat 4pm)
11. The Ten Doctors (Offstage Theatre Group)       (Sat 8:30)
12. New Series Year in Review on Cassandra         (Sun 5:30)
13. Eric Hoffman's Caroline John Retrospective     (Fri 4pm)
14. "Endgame" Documentary                          (Fri 2pm)
15. Watching videos with Dan, Jen, and Mike        (Sun 9pm)
16. Dinner with Dan, Jen, Mike, and Jack
17. Breakfast with Dan and Jen
18. Breakfast with Mike

Gallifrey One Top Quotes

 1. Colin Baker: "The bounder stacks!"
 2. Mike Tucker: "film speed = 1/(SQRT(scale))"
    (for example; if scale = 1/4; then film speed = 2) 
 3. "The closest Shakespearean accent is in North Carolina."
 4. "What does a gay gorilla sound like?"

Gallifrey One Top 5 That We Missed

 1. Cricket Match: Platypi vs. Wirren             (Mon 9am, Rained out, Aarrgghh)
 2. Cabaret                                       (not scheduled)
 3. Mojo                                          (not scheduled)
 4. Jean-Marc Lofficier: Doctor Omega Sequel      (not scheduled)
 5. Doug couldn't make it.                        (stuck in Dallas)

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