The 13th Floor of Gallifrey One

The 13th Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 15 - 18, 2002

Van Nuys, California

13th Floor Top 10

 1. Hines, Wills, Ford (Friday, 2:00pm, ...)
 2. ChronoTrip (Friday, 4:00pm)
 3. Mojo (Saturday, Noon)
 4. Cabaret (Saturday, 9pm)
 5. BBC WorldWide Video Clips (Sunday, 10:30am)
 6. Ladies of Babylon (Saturday, 11:00am)
 7. Costume Contest w/Half Time Show (Sunday, 8:30pm)
 8. How They Sold It -- Eric Hoffman (Monday, 10:00am)
 9. Video: Ambassadors of Death (Sunday, 8:00pm)
10. Mysterious Theatre 337 (Friday, 8:00pm)

13th Floor Top 5 That We Missed

 1. Guests of Honor Video Retro (Hoffman) (Friday, 4:00pm)
 2. Eric Hoffman's Dr. Who Monsters (Saturday, Noon)
 3. Weakest Time Link (Sunday, 9:30pm)
 4. Warner Bros. Video Trailers (Sunday, 9:30am)
 5. Cricket Match (Monday, 10:00am)

13th Floor Cabaret Top 5

 1. "I Am The Master" -- David J. Howe
 2. "Time and Relative" -- Carole Ann Ford
 3. "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" -- Nigel Fairs
 4. "SuperLame" -- Andras Jones
 5. Julie Catlin Brown

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