Gallifrey One's 15 Minutes of Fame

The 15th Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 13 - 16, 2004

Van Nuys, California

Gallifrey One Top 16

 1. Cricket Match: Platypi 104 - 103 Wirren  (Mon 9am - 2pm) 
 2. Fielding, Darrow, McCoy, Tso, Fisher           (Fri 4pm)
 3. Mojo                                          (Sat Noon)
 4. Janet Fielding: Tegan; 5th Doctor Companion    (Sat 4pm)
 5. "The Scream of The Shalka" BBCi cartoon        (Sun 6pm)
 6. Doctor Omega: Jean-Marc Lofficier              (Sun 2pm)
 7. Sylvester McCoy and Janet Fielding             (Sun 3pm)
 8. Dr. Who 40th Anniversy UK Gold, ...         (Sun 7:30pm)
 9. Sylvester McCoy: the 7th Doctor                (Sat 2pm)
10. $25,000 Pyramid of Mars Game Show           (Fri 8:30pm)
11. Dr. Who Movie Panel: McGann, McCoy, Tso, Segal (Sat 5pm)
12. Eric Hoffman's 7th & 8th Doctors Tribute      (Fri Noon)
13. Paul McGann and India Fisher: 8th Dr. Audios   (Sat 1pm)
14. Costume Contest and "Death Takes A Holiday" (Sat 7:30pm)
15. Paul McGann and Big Finish: Making "Shada"    (Sun 11am)
16. Cruising Who: Dan Harris and SF Sea Cruise     (Sat 3pm)

Gallifrey One Top 5 That We Missed

 1. "The Pub With No Doors" Fan Video    (Fri, 7pm, ate dinner instead)
 2. Eric Hoffman's 40 Years of Doctors   (Fri, 7pm, Dinner)
 3. "Dalek's Master Plan" reconstruction (Sat 7:30, Costume Contest)
 4. Blake's 7 stories                    (Sat 8:15pm, Costume Contest)
 5. "Delta and the Bannermen"            (Mon 11:45am, cricket)

Gallifrey One Cabaret Bottom 1

 1. "No Cabaret this year" -- Aarrgghh

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Electromen photocopy courtesy of Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier who recently translated the 1905 French Sci-Fi Novel "Doctor Omega" to English.

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