Gallifrey One Catch 22 "Islands of Mystery" 2011

The 22nd Annual North American Doctor Who and Science Fiction and Fantasy Media Convention.

February 18 - 20, 2011 (Presidents' Day Weekend)

The Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Marriott Hotel

Gallifrey One Top 27

John's Gallifrey One Catch 22 "Islands of Mystery" 2011 Top 27 events
 (1) Fri    noon Matthew "Adric" Waterhouse
 (2) Fri 12:45pm Ian McNeice: Churchill, Baron Harkonnen, Vogon
 (3) Fri  1:30pm Peanut Butter sandwich at the Con Suite, Room 104
 (4) Fri  3:00pm Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, and Sarah Sutton
 (5) Fri  4:45pm John Levene subing for Gareth Thomas
 (6) Fri  6:30pm Open Ceremonies; Peter Davison's video entrance (see link below)
 (7) Fri  7:00pm Dinner at the Hotel with Jen and Mark.
 (8) Fri  8:00pm Frazer Hines: The Time-Traveling Scot
 (9) Sat  8:45am Breakfast at Denny's with Jen and Mark
(10) Sat 10:00am The Men of Doctor Who (Adric, Jamie, Benton, K9)
(11) Sat    noon 21st Century Doctor Who: Behind the Scenes
                 "Tone Meetings", "Cyberman V Formation"
(12) Sat  1:00pm Hirst Publishing: D. Ashbrook, M. Waterhouse, ...
                 "Facebook: Florenda Quinby" by Matthew Waterhouse.
(13) Sat  3:00pm Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding
(14) Sat  4:00pm Gary Russell gets turned into an alien on stage
(15) Sat  5:00pm Peter Davison (featuring Janet Fielding)
(16) Sat  6:30pm A wet dinner at Carl's Jr. with Jen and Mark
(17) Sat  8:00pm Masquerade: Quark, D48, Donna/Doctor, Limbo Dalek
                 and a hilarious "Wait a Minute" w/Ian McNeice
(18) Sun 10:00am "Come in #5" BBC Peter Davison Era f/David Tennant
(19) Sun 11:00am Sarah Jane Adv. Live Commentary: Gary Russell, ...
(20) Sun    noon Hot dogs at Con Suite, room 104, with Kathy.
(21) Sun  2:00pm PodShock: Waris Hussein "An Unearhly Child" director
(22) Sun  3:30pm Doctor Who Adventure Games (download from BBC)
(23) Sun  4:30pm Classic Who (Peter, Janet, Sarah, Frazer, Matthew, John Levene, John Leeson)
(24) Sun  5:30pm The Year in Review 2010
(25) Sun  6:30pm Closing Ceremonies
(26) Sun  7:30pm Sizzler with Jack, Jen, and Mark.
(27) Sun  8:30pm Lobby-Con: John Levene, Daphne, Vito, Kathy, Jack, Jen & Mark.

 (1) Sat  2:00pm Peter Davison Era Retrospective (Eric Hoffman) -- no equipment
 (2) Sat  5:00pm An Hour with John Levene -- opposite Peter Davison
 (3) Sat  6:00pm Beginning Filmaking for Doctor Who Fans -- Dinner conflict
 (4) Sun  1:00pm Murray's Gold (Music) -- Judi attended, John napped
 (5) Sun  2:00pm The Good Companions (Eric Hoffman) -- Podshock conflict
 (6) Sun  2:00pm "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith" video -- Podshock conflict
 (7)             Cricket Match: Platypi vs. Wirren -- not scheduled
 (8)             Mojo -- not scheduled
 (9)             Cabaret -- not scheduled
(10)             Jean-Marc Lofficier: Doctor Omega Sequel -- still waiting

# of stickers collected: 2 (Craggy Island and Neverland).
# of Daleks cruising the hallways: 2 (full-sized)
# of K9's cruising along the floor: 1 (small)
# of CD's purchased in the Dealers Room: 5 (Daphne Ashbrook's "The Next Life")
# of videos: 1: "Daphne Ashbrook, Whirled Tour 2010"
# of books: 1: "Blue Box Boy, USA edition" (waiting for the CD)
Things to search for: "Animated Doctor Who" (found in 2008 Convention Notes)
                      "Dreamland" tie-in to Sarah Jane Adv."
Salute: 5 rounds rapid for "The Brig" 1929 - 2011

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