Bull Hiking Club Old HighLights (some missing links)

2000 HighLights

12/16/00 Hells Gate

'The bakery is closed.'

12/02/00 Little Horse

'The snack shop is not open.'

10/25/00 West Fork

'The fruit is all gone.'

09/09/00 Highline Trail

'Not a fairly cool hike.'

1999 HighLights

11/10/99 (Wed.) Black Top Mesa (Superstitions)

'No rock art.'

11/06/99 Strawberry-Pine Trail

'red maple leaves'

09/11/99 Red Ridge Trail (Mt. Lemmon)

'A creek with water in Arizona!'

04/24/99 Secret Canyon Hike

'Only 100 more meters.'

04/03/99 Canyon Lake Hike

The group picture

Dan's Favorite Part

Canyon Lake Bridge

03/27/99 Black Canyon Trail

'Hikers will have no trouble following the well defined trail.'

03/13/99 Prescott Hike

Please ignore the 'no trespassing' sign

03/06/99 Roosevelt Lake Campout

Ron's 'Roosevelt Lake Camping Expedition' write-up

Ron's Waterfall Picture

Tonto National Monument Upper Ruins

02/13/99 Indian Mesa and Tulee Creek

Ron's write-up

01/30/99 Salome Canyon and Creek and the Jug

Ron's write-up

01/23/99 South Mountain Alta Trail

Ron's write-up

01/02/99 Petroglyphs Hike

Ron's write-up

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1998 HighLights

9/19/98 & 10/10/98 Mercury Mine Hikes

Ron's write-up

10/4/98 Horton Springs

Ron's write-up

10/24/98 Vultee Arch Hike in Sedona

Ron's write-up

The group picture

Dan and the Arch

[If anyone has any better pictures, send them to me at JJHeath@aol.com or lend them to me and I'll scan them in].

10/31/98 Fossil Creek

Ron's write-up

11/07/98 Rock Creek Trail in the Superstitions

Group picture Another picture

11/14/98 Morgan City Hike near Lake Pleasant

Ron's write-up Group picture Making rocks picture

12/12/98 Barnhardt Hike

Ron's write-up

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