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   Flickr #1: Oct. 26, 2008: Haunted Canyon hike.
   Flickr #2: Mar. 15, 2008: McDowell Park Desert Sky Hikers Picnic and hike.

Photos of the Pinnacle Peak Hike, Jan. 28, 2006

Group (Dan, Judi, Ron, Jim)
On the Trail (Jim, Dan, Judi, Ron)
That's not us on the black diamond trail.
End of the trail
Cactus Wren

Photos of the Munds Mountain Hike, Nov. 5, 2005

Group Picture
Sedona View
Fall Color
Sedona View
Trail at the Top
Sedona View
Fall Color

Photos of the Lower Granite Creek Discovery Trail Hike, Sept. 10, 2005

Group picture: Fred, Dan, Steve, and Judi
Hamburger Rock

Photos of the Munds Wagon Trail Hike, Apr. 30, 2005

Dan, Sheila, George, and Judi looking at Lichen
Dinner at the Sedona Airport

Photos of the Black Canyon Trail Hike, Apr. 9, 2005

Owl Clover
Group Picture: Judi, Linda, Doris, Dan
Silver Puff
Sego Lily

Photos of the Golden Gate Trail Feb. 26, 2005

Group Picture: Dan, Judi
Saguaro Dan
A Cloud

Photos of the Forest Lakes SnoeShoe Trip, Jan. 16, 2005

Group Picture: Carol, Fred, and Judi
Tracks in the Snow
The Group W Lunch Log
Map to the Rim (3 miles one way)

Photos of the 6 Shooter Trail hike, Nov. 6, 2004

Group Picture: Dan, Judi, and Ron
Fall Colors

Photos of the Pine Creek Canyon Trail, Sept. 18, 2004

Group Picture: Dan, Bill, John, Judi, Bob
Red Parasite
A Sign

Photos of the Four Peaks Hike, May 15, 2004

Cactus Flowers
At the mine with Dan, John C, Colin, and Cindy
Group: Dan, Colin, John C, Orie, Cindy, Bill, Judi, JR, and Shammy

Photos of the Flagstaff SnowShoe Trip, March 6, 2004

Group Picture: Judi, Jim, Terry, Doris, Carol, Fred
Aspen Fingers

Photos of the East Webber Creek Hike, Sept. 20, 2003

Group Picture: Ron, LaRue, Bob, Doris, Dan, Bill, Judi, Terry, Donn
Rock Towers

Photos of the Indian Mesa hike and paddle, May 10, 2003

Group Picture: Steve, Doris, Terry, Judi, Linda, Dan
The Sign
The Sign Part 2
The View
Judi and the Wall
Hole in the Wall

Photos of the Sedona Doe Mountain and Dry Creek hikes, March 22, 2003

Group Picture: John, Judi, Dan, Bill, Jim, and John
A tree grows out of rock on Doe Mountain
Dry Creek

Scaled down Digital photos of the Snow Shoe Trip, March 8, 2003

A view of the snow from I-17
On The Trail: Dan, Fred, Carol, and Judi
View from the top
Fred's Pictures

Scaled down Digital photos from the Mayer Hike, Feb. 1, 2003 (Gifs)

The group picture
The View

Scaled down Digital photos from the Bull Lynx Lake Hike, Oct. 5, 2002 (Gifs)

The group picture
Betty canoeing
Dan kayaking
Judi and Donn canoeing

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Scaled down Digital photos from the Bull Fossil Springs Hike, Sept. 21, 2002 (Gifs)

The group picture
Ron and Dan at one of the springs
Judi thinks the spring is a jacuzi

Photos from the Bull General Crook Trail Hike, May 18, 2002

Armed Forces Day at the Fort.
A group picture at the 13 Mile Rock monument.
The General George Crook Trail Sign Picture.
We saw a female elk on the drive back on Forest Road 300.

Photos from the Bull Lynx Lake Hike, May 11, 2002

Who left their toy truck in the parking lot?
The group picture.
Can you name that bird?

Photos from the Bull Pontatoc Hike, April 6, 2002

The group picture
Finger Rock
Ocotillo Over Tucson


Flickr pictures (see right side of page for sets)

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