Vacation Pictures; Dr. Who Cruise, Convention, and Cricket Game

Here's the "bird" and the "geezer" at the dinner table on the cruise; this was taken by the ship pro photog. They took other pictures, but this is the only one that we saw in the photo room. Note for future cruises -- make frequent trips to the photo room before pictures disappear.

This is a postcard of the ship. We were in a cabin in the rear of the boat with an ocean view on the "upper" deck. Note for future cruise cuisine -- the Won Ton soup and vegetarian dishes are great; avoid steak (tough) and fish (over done). One of my favorite "cruise moments" was standing on the deck and watching the Los Angeles lights as the ship departed Monday night.

This was to be our first stop on Tuesday, 2/11/03, but the sea was too rough for the "tender" boats, so we had a day at sea. We came back on Wednesday, took a wet ride on the "tender" boat to Catalina; stayed for about 45 minutes, and then we were ordered back to the ship because the water was getting rougher; so, another day at sea. That's OK, I won $65 at black jack the first day; and won $30 on the second.

This picture was taken by one of the ship photographers. This was the one formal night on the ship. They had tuxedos for rent, but I opted for my own suit. You can't see my "formal" tennis shoes in this picture. Pictured: Peter, Bette, Carrie, Richard, John, Doug, Judi, Jennifer, Bob, and Judy.

When we came back to our cabin after our 8pm to 10pm dinner, this is what we found on the bed. Every night it was a different animal constructed out of one or two towels and little bits of cardboard.

We woke up Thursday morning to the sound of a sea lion. We looked out our window, and there he was, king of the platform. Soon other sea lions were circling in, to look for a spot on the platform. When we came back from breakfast, there were four on the platform.

We're on dry land! We shopped in Ensenada, and had lunch at a restaurant with patio seating. While we were eating we were serenaded by these guys.

Here's a picture taken by Keith Topping of Peter Davison taking a picture of David, John, Judi, and Doug reading "Gringo" newpaper. I'm the one in the hat.

Here's Judi with Dr. Who number 5, Peter Davison, in front of what we were calling the "Mexican Police Box" or "The Artful Refuse Disposal Injection System" (TARDIS).

This is a picture of the "big heads", busts of famous people in Mexican history.

In the afternoon the group [si] took a 45 minute bus ride [si] to "La BufaDora", the biggest BlowHole in the world [si]. We had the cutest tour guide of all time, and she loved to use the word "si". This was another wet experience, but not as wet as riding in a tender boat. The blow hole would give us several small splooshes, then suddenly "splooooosh"; everybody gets wet.

Upper right: Peter Davison ("Dr. Who", "All Creatures Great and Small", "Campion", ...) reads Judi, Lora, and Richard R's story, "HolidayAtSea"; clockwise: Debbie Watling ("Victoria" from Dr. Who); Bob May, "the robot" from "Lost in Space" (and wife Judy); and Mary Tamm, the first "Romana" from "Dr. Who". This was the culmination of the "writer's workshop".

Here's a picture of San Pedro and our ship with Judi in the foreground. We decided not to go with our group, who took a tour of the Hollywood "Walk of Fame" and Grauman's Chinese Theatre, because we didn't think we could keep up with the bus; so we took our own tour of the California coast including Redondo Beach. We were the only ones that drove to the dock, and needed to drive to the convention.

A willet at Redondo Beach.

Now we are at the "Dr. Who and Sci-Fi" convention. Friday night is the costume contest. Judi got a good audience reaction to her Lady Peinfort costume (from the Dr. Who story "The Silver Nemesis"); the costume was made by Terry, with collar by Donna. On Friday afternoon we watched a great Q&A session with Peter Davison and Colin Baker (Doctors 5 and 6). Also, we got another cool slide show from Eric Hoffman "40 Years of Doctor Who, Part I". Unfortunately, we missed part 2 because it was at the same time as the cricket match.

Monday was our first cricket game. This is the first time we've ever seen a soft cricket ball. This is a picture of our umpire (Dave Whittam), a fielder and the bowler for the opposing squad, the Wirren; and on base for our team, the Platapi, Doug. The Wirren batted first, and got 90 minutes for their "innings". Then we got an equal number of overs during our batting. The game was tied with 2 pitches to go in the last over (plus we had used up all our outs) when our last batter scratched out a run to win the game. It was a fun game; everybody got to bowl and hit.

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