Top 78 Songs 2002

Pos. Top 78 Songs of 2002                         Artist
---- --------------------                         ------
  1. The Middle                          Jimmy Eat World midi
  2. Complicated                           Avril Lavigne
  3. Soak Up The Sun                         Sheryl Crow
  4. Don't Let Me Get Me                            Pink
  5. A Thousand Miles                    Vanessa Carlton
  6. Hot In Herre                                  Nelly
  7. Underneath It All                          No Doubt
  8. Hey Baby                                   No Doubt
  9. Can't Get U Out Of My Head            Kylie Minogue
 10. By The Way                    Red Hot Chili Peppers
 11. Die Another Day                             Madonna
 12. Just Like A Pill                               Pink
 13. Underneath Your Clothes                     Shakira
 14. Hella Good                                 No Doubt
 15. Wasting My Time                             Default
 16. Hero                     Chad Kroeger f/Josey Scott
 17. Foolish                                     Ashanti
 18. I'm Gonna Getya Good                   Shania Twain
 19. Days Go By                              Dirty Vegas
 20. Hate To Say I Told You So                     Hives
 21. Escape                 Enrique Inglesias (f/Anna K)
 22. No Such Thing                            John Mayer
 23. Fell In Love With A Girl              White Stripes
 24. Disease                                 MatchBox 20
 25. Work It                               Missy Elliott
 26. All You Wanted                      Michelle Branch
 27. All My Life                            Foo Fighters
 28. Rainy Days                  Mary J. Blige f/Ja Rule
 29. Gimme the Light                           Sean Paul
 30. Without Me (2 Trailer Park Girls)            Eminem
 31. Get Free                                      Vines
 32. Toxicity                         System of the Down
 33. One Last Breath                               Creed
 34. Addicted To Bass                          PureTones
 35. Like I Love You                   Justin Timberlake
 36. Pass the Cossiviar (Part 1) Busta Rhymes f/P. Diddy
 37. Everyday                         Dave Matthews Band
 38. Ain't It Funny             Jennifer Lopez f/Ja Rule
 39. How You Remind Me (2001)                 Nickelback
 40. Dirty                   Christina Aguilara f/RedMan
 41. Dilemma                       Nelly f/Kelly Rowland
 42. The Red (Lights Out)                      Chevelles
 43. Sk8er Boi                             Avril Lavigne
 44. Game of Love              Santana f/Michelle Branch
 45. One Mic                                         Nas
 46. Blurry                               Puddle of Mudd
 47. Alone I Break                                  KoRn
 48. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous      Good Charlotte
 49. She Hates Me                         Puddle of Mudd
 50. Cleanin' Out My Closet                       Eminem
 51. U Got it Bad                                  Usher
 52. WhereEver You Will Go                       Calling
 53. My Sacrifice                                  Creed
 54. I Need A Girl (Part 1)                     P. Diddy
 55. Move                                       Ludicris
 56. Don't Know Why                          Norah Jones
 57. Here is Gone                          Goo Goo Dolls
 58. Grindin'                                    Climpse
 59. Lose Yourself                                Eminem
 60. Gangsta Lovin'                                  Eve
 61. OverProtected                        Britney Spears
 62. Uh Huh                                          B2K
 63. Where Are You Going              Dave Matthews Band
 64. Cry                                      Faith Hill
 65. Youth of the Nation                          P.O.D.
 66. Luv U Better                              LL Cool J
 67. Hands Clean                       Alanis Morrisette
 68. Everyday                                   Bon Jovi
 69. What About Us                                Brandy
 70. LandSlide                              Dixie Chicks
 71. Through the Rain                       Mariah Carey
 72. Oops (Oh My)                                  Tweet
 73. Hey Ma                                      Cam'ron
 74. 03 Bonnie & Clyde                    Jay-Z f/Byonce
 75. Addictive                       Truth Hurts f/Rakim
 76. Trade It All (Part 2)           P. Diddy f/Fabulous
 77. Jennie From the Block                Jennifer Lopez
 78. Take It Off                                  Donnas

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