MTV Top 44 of 2000

MTV Top 44 of 2000                                Artist
--- --------------                                ------
 1. Bye Bye Bye                                    NSync midi
 2. Shape Of My Heart                    BackStreet Boys
 3. Oops, I Did It Again                  Britney Spears
 4. Real Slim Shady                               Eminem
 5. Come On Over (Baby)               Christina Aguilera
 6. Thong Song                                     Sisqo
 7. Make Me Bad                                     KoRn
 8. It's Gonna Be                                  NSync
 9. Back That Thing Up                          Juvenile
10. If Only                                       Hansen
11. Rollin'                                  Limp Bizkit
12. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely  BackStreet Boys
13. Lucky                                 Britney Spears
14. Forgot About Dre                    Dr. Dre f/Eminem
15. She Bangs                               Ricky Martin
16. What A Girl Wants                 Christina Aguilera
17. Adam's Song                                Blink 182
18. Say My Name                          Destiny's Child
19. American Bad A**                            Kid Rock
20. From the Bottom of my Broken Heart    Britney Spears
21. My Everything                             98 Degrees
22. Last Resort                               Papa Roach
23. Big Pimpin                                     Jay-Z
24. Bad Touch                            Bloodhound Gang
25. Faded                                  Soul Decision
26. Candy                                    Mandy Moore
27. Break Stuff                              Limp Bizkit
28. The One                              BackStreet Boys
29. The Way I Am                                  Eminem
30. I Think I'm In Love With You         Jessica Simpson
31. This I Promise You                             NSync
32. Country Grammar                                Nelly
33. Stronger                              Britney Spears
34. Rock the Party                                   POD
35. Stan                                          Eminem
36. Who Let the Dogs Out                        Baha Men
37. Love Don't Cost A Thing               Jennifer Lopez
38. Party Up                                         DMX
39. Back Here                                      BBMak
40. Hardest Part of Breaking Up                  2Gether
41. Babylon                MTV2               David Gray
42. Charm Attack           MTV2              Leona Naess
43. SouthSide              MTV2      Moby f/Gwen Stefani
44. One Armed Scissor      MTV2          At The Drive-In

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