Judi's Links Page

YouTube Links:

Judi's YouTube Channel

Horse Links:

US Equestrian Team
Horse Endurance
The Horse's Hoof -- News for Barefoot Hoofcare
Ray Hunt Master of Horse Communication
Natural Horsemanship info
Swimmer's Click and Treat You Tube Video


Dalmation Club
homeoanimal.com/The ultimate guide to pet adoption

Opera Links:

Arizona Opera

Performing Arts Medicine:

The Voice Foundation
National Association of Teachers of Singing
Voice Doctor
International Association For Dance Medicine & Science
Performing Arts Medicine Association

Human Health and Human Rights Sites

Doctors of the World (For this organization, Judi volunteers to examine alleged victims of torture)
The Florence Project (the legal side of helping alleged victims of torture)
Amnesty International (we have been supporters for many years)
Doctors without Borders (requires a major commitment, greatly to be admired)

Sports Medicine:

Sports Injury Recovery -- Physical Therapy
"Physical Therapists" from 2013 October Newsletter

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