KJEH Top 34 Songs 2005

Pos  KJEH 2005                                       Artist 
---  ---------                                       ------ 
 1  Feel Good Inc.                                 Gorillaz
 2  Holiday                                       Green Day
 3  The Man Who Sold The World (see ratings)    Jordis Unga 
 4  Beverly Hills                                    Weezer
 5  B.Y.O.B.                               System of a Down
 6  E-Pro                                              Beck
 7  Speed of Sound                                 Coldplay
 8  Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2004)             Green Day
 9  Do You Want To                          Franz Ferdinand
10  Twisted Transistor                                 KoRn
11  Widow                                        Mars Volta
12  L'via L'viaquez                              Mars Volta
13  Why Do You Love Me                              Garbage
14  An Honest Mistake                               Bravery
15  Dance Dance                                 FallOut Boy
16  Sugar You're Going Down (#1 with a bullet)  FallOut Boy
17  Question                               System of a Down
18  My DoorBell                               White Stripes
19  Best of You                                Foo Fighters
20  Wake Me Up When September Ends                Green Day
21  Helena (So Long & Good Night)       My Chemical Romance
22  The Suffering                        Coheed and Cambria
23  All These Things That I've Done                 Killers
24  Blue Orchid                               White Stripes
25  The Bucket                                Kings of Leon
26  Ghost of You (Never Coming Home)    My Chemical Romance
27  Bat Country                              Avenged 7 Fold
28  Girl                                               Beck
29  Hell Yes                                           Beck
30  Have Love Will Travel                          Blue Van
31  Finding out True Love is Blind                Louis XIV
32  Under Pressure                 Used/My Chemical Romance
33  Ghostbusters                           Bowling For Soup
34  Mr. Brightside (2004)                           Killers

Ratings from YouTube for The Man Who Sold The World sung by Jordis Unga:
"Hands down the best performance on Rockstar!"
"This was unreal; truly beautiful."
"Definitely a showstopping performance!"
"My favorite song on Rockstar inxs."
"I can watch this over and over. It was absolutely showstopping!"

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